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Best Cities in California for Millennials to Live


California remains the land of hopes and dreams – with tons of job opportunities and exciting lifestyle choices available in the best cities in California for Millennials to live. For generations, the notion of heading west has appealed to anybody with a sense of adventure. That’s as true now as it has ever been. Millennials from other major metros have been migrating to California for years and have found wonderful cities to settle down. Here are the five best cities in California for Millennials.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a diverse and friendly city with a smorgasbord of cultural dishes from around the world. It’s one of the most famous cities, not just in California, but in the entire country. The Golden Gate city has been the destination for adventurous people since the 1800s. It still draws entrepreneurs and others looking for something new opportunities.

The weather is definitely cooler than that of Santa Monica, but it’s still pleasant. Being close to many beautiful parks, you’ll be able to experience the quiet of nature while still living in a big city. The city by the bay has a variety of restaurants for every appetite. This is also a great city to live in for people who work from home. No wonder it’s consistently voted one of the best places to live in America.

North Hollywood

North Hollywood is a diverse and exciting gem that caters to all walks of life. The well-connected transportation system can take you to any of the hip eating spots and bars. It’s only minutes from Universal Studios Hollywood and a short driving distance to West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills. This is a great city for young people and young families who enjoy everything within walking distance.

West Hollywood

You can get just about anywhere in West Hollywood on foot. Whether you want to spend the morning in one of the coffee shops or you want to have dinner at any of the restaurants, you’ll be able to walk to your destinations. Not only is this place great for people, but it’s also great for pets. Many of the friendly people you’ll meet walking around will be walking their dogs.

The culture of West Hollywood is vibrant and diverse. Local shops are plentiful and accessible. If you like to hit the bars or clubs at night then you’ll find plenty. No matter what your interests, there’s something for you here.


If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, then look no further than Burbank. A place where the schools are great, the crime is low, and you get that small town vibe. You’ll be able to spend the day with the kids at any of the lovely parks in the area.

You’ll enjoy the safety and security of this town while living close enough to LA to be able to drive into the city for a night out. You’ll be living in a bustling big town with a quiet small town feel.

Santa Monica

When people think about living in California, it’s safe to say they are probably thinking of Santa Monica. This popular city is known for its beautiful beaches and glorious weather. The city is host to plenty of restaurants, cafes, theaters, and other entertainment hot spots. Here you’ll be able to get fast food or high-end sushi and anything in between. It wouldn’t be a millennial-friendly city without vegetarian and vegan options! Santa Monica has it all! Don’t forget to visit the ocean while you’re here, it’s right down the street.

It’s also infamous for its traffic. However, over the years the city has improved upon this by introducing bike rentals and their Metrorail, making public transportation easy. Santa Monica is becoming much greener as well. From banning smoking to plastic bags, Santa Monica is a great place for people who are eco-friendly.

Sure, the gold rush is over. But that hasn’t stopped young professionals from rushing to the Golden State. The cost of living may be higher than in other states, but hey, so are the salaries. The average annual income is $73,000. From Silicon Valley to Napa Valley, California has it all. These five best cities in California for Millennials to live could one day be where they purchase a home.

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