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First Team | Christie’s International Hosts High-End Luxury Brands at Beach Candy Fashion Event


First Team Real Estate’s Newport Beach office hosted luxury beachwear line, Beach Candy, and other distinguished names like NOBLEMAN and Maserati.

Newport Beach, CA — Demonstrating the height of opulence and glamour, First Team | Christie’s International transformed its Newport workspace into a venue to receive some of the most notable names in luxury.

The First Team | Christie’s International Newport office received a full makeover for Beach Candy’s launch of its new The Frida Collection line: the space was cleared to enable a more open layout, a full bar serving endless drinks was staged to receive guests, and photographers lined the halls to capture all the extravagance. Known as Brit B., the creator of Beach Candy had the perfect layout to unveil her latest line of dazzling beachwear.

“It was such a privilege to host Beach Candy at our Newport location, and to also welcome an assortment of high-end brands like NOBLEMAN magazine, of which we are an exclusive real estate contributor,” stated First Team president Michael Mahon. “We are ranked as Southern California’s #1 Independent Real Estate Brokerage, and we are also #1 in the Orange County Luxury Market, so it’s only fitting that we host the best of the luxury world.”

While First Team | Christie’s International highlighted their luxury partnerships, founder and CEO Cameron Merage also made sure to introduce guests to the brokerage’s charitable partnerships, raising awareness of Team Kids: “Our brokerage truly is a family of unique individuals that add diversity to our real estate philosophy as a whole. To have family members like Team Kid’s Julie Hudash and NOBLEMAN’s Doug McLaughlin with us at the venue made the night even more special.”

The evening ignited with a fiery fashion runway show that wound throughout the Newport office. Cameras flashed as models showcased Beach Candy’s stunning new line of RTW and custom swimwear. Combined with the thumping music, mood lighting, and flowing cocktails, the venue perfectly accentuated Beach Candy’s extravagant style.

First Team | Christie’s International is known for partnering with and promoting brands of elevated quality and class, like Beach Candy. As the brokerage continues to expand, their luxury partnerships additionally grow, making First Team | Christie’s International an unrivaled force in the Orange County market and beyond.



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