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15 Cities In Orange County Where Homes Sell The Fastest


To find out the 15 cities in Orange County where homes sell the fastest, we looked at the “days on market” metric. On average, the homes are flying off the shelves in these cities, so expect limited supply if you’re searching in these communities.

Taking a look at our latest Market Report for Orange County reveals that the average days on market for the county is 59 days. These 15 cities come in well below that average. One reason is because several of these cities have more homes with below-average listing prices, which translates to quick sales. Another reason is because some of these cities are the absolute best places to live in Southern California with diverse, fun, family friendly communities. No matter the reason, you’ve got to move quickly and decisively if you want to find a home in one of these neighborhoods!

Fountain Valley

Days on Market: 23
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There were 40 active listings in Fountain Valley last month with an average sale price of $849,584. The days on market have been moving quickly for the past year, with the highest average being just 35 days 6 months ago.

Conveniently located near Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and more, this community has been growing and evolving over the years. With new trendy restaurants opening up all over town, and a safe family-friendly community vibe, it’s no wonder homes are selling so quickly.


Days on Market: 24
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With an average listing price of just $518,714, the Stanton housing market moves quickly. There were just 18 active listings in the city last month, and the days on market has come up from just 19 days on average this time last year.

Garden Grove

Days on Market: 25
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Garden Grove offers a much larger selection of homes for sale with 135 active listings in March 2019. The city’s culturally diverse community of over 170,000 people is home to four annual cultural festivals that celebrate the Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, and American heritage. In fact, residents will be looking forward to the Strawberry Festival coming up Memorial Day Weekend!

Buena Park

Days on Market: 33
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88 active listings with an average sale price of $668,538. The city is undergoing an exciting revitalization in business, residential and commercial projects. Over the past year, the city has consistently had a quick turnover for homes on the market.


Days on Market: 34
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Days on market 3 months ago in Cypress was up to 53 and it’s fallen to 34 as we head straight into the busy spring and summer market. Average sale prices are at $783,181 with a total of 50 active listings. Located on the northern border of Orange County, Cypress is often considered a suburb of Long Beach.

La Habra

Days on Market: 35
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This quiet bedroom community in northern OC isn’t sleepy when it comes to real estate. There were 87 active listings last month with an average sale price of $647,000.

Huntington Beach

Days on Market: 38
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Surf City offers a huge selection of homes for sale with 312 active listing, and an average sale price of $11020,685 for single family homes. The great thing about Huntington Beach is that it offers a wide variety of properties from condos, townhomes, and duplexes to luxury ocean view estates. If you’re looking to buy in HB, keep a close eye on inventory – it’s moving quickly!


Days on Market: 40
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The city of Placentia is a fast-growing community and the housing market reflects that. This time last year, homes were flying off the market even faster with an average days on market of 21 days. We expect the Placentia market to remain hot all spring and summer. Last month the average sale price was $707,381.

Rancho Santa Margarita

Days on Market: 42
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With 120 active listings, Rancho Santa Margarita is a hot market thanks to the wide variety of condos and townhomes available for sale. An excellent community for young families, the city offers tons of amenities geared toward children including the RSM Lake and Beach Club, parks, great schools, and more.

Santa Ana

Days on Market: 44
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Believe it or not, Santa Ana’s days on market is actually in a up swing right now – but it’s still one of the fastest moving markets in Orange County. 6 months ago, days on market was down to just 26 days. Currently there are 230 active listings with an average sale price of $637,003.

From the Artists’ Village in downtown to historic neighborhoods and everything in between, Santa Ana has so many different local communities for homebuyers to choose from.

Corona del Mar

Days on Market: 45
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A bit a surprise on our list, Corona del Mar had a busy March 2019 with 82 active listings and an average of just 45 days on the market. Luxury real estate usually takes much longer to sell, and with an average sale price of $2,672,500, this upscale beach town is moving faster than expected.

Anaheim Hills

Days on Market: 46
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Bringing together a rare mix of luxury living, tranquility, and a strong sense of community, living in Anaheim Hills feels like living in a small rural town. With such a desirable and unique setting, it’s no wonder homes sell so quickly. Last month there were a total of 122 active listings and an average sale price of $845,846.


Days on Market: 47
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This time last year, Westminster was down to an average of just 13 days on market. We could see this city’s inventory flying by even faster as we head into the hot summer market. There were just 58 active listings last month in the city with an average sale price of $677,300.

Costa Mesa

Days on Market: 47
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Costa Mesa offers residents a range of communities and neighborhoods, each with it’s own unique flair and vibe. From funky to family friendly, the city is always growing and evolving every day. Last month there was a total of 159 active listings and an average sale price of $982,968.


Days on Market: 48
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Rounding out the list of cities where homes sell the fastest is Orange. There were a total of 230 active listings and an average sale price of $802,458. The biggest draw to the city has to be the amazing downtown surrounded by many homes and buildings dating to the early days of the city. It’s tough to beat the culture, convenience and charm of Orange!


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