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Josie Andrade of First Team Real Estate Wins Hispanic Real Estate’s Most Prestigious Award


Recognized for her impressive sales volume and commitment to the hispanic community, Josie Andrade was included in the eighth annual Top 250 Latino Agents Report by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®). Completing 40 transactions and a total of over $19 million in sales volume over the past year, Josie is a fiercely driven and passionate professional who’s not afraid to speak up for her clients and take the time to educate them on the real estate process. 

Making a Difference in the Communities She Calls Home

Josie works closely with her local communities, having begun her business in Norwalk and growing into the Downey market as well. “Norwalk was an exciting community to begin in,” recounts Josie. “With high turnover and a very diverse ratio of individuals, I get to work with lots of new owners and young families.” Working in the perfect place to share her knowledge, she helps her clients and community members review their goals and dreams to make them a reality. 

A resource that has helped her connect with the local community of course is her involvement in NAHREP. “It’s a phenomenal group of people. There is so much collaboration and everyone within the organization is open to sharing what works to get local residents educated about the benefits of homeownership,” Josie relates. “Working with others in NAHREP has been a great learning experience for me.”

Humble Beginnings

Josie earned her real estate license in 2000 after purchasing her first home. It was her own agent who suggested she would make a great real estate professional herself based on her exceptional ability to work with others and an outgoing sales personality. 

However, it wasn’t until her husband came at it from a different perspective that she realized it was the right path for her. “My husband pushed me and pointed out that it wasn’t about sales—it was about helping people,” states Josie. “I love real estate because it allows me to serve others. It is a truly rewarding experience.”

Through real estate, Josie found a way to bring greater value to her local community. Bilingual in English and Spanish, she is uniquely equipped to help homebuyers in her community overcome language barriers and bridge the gap toward achieving their goals of homeownership. 

Serving Others

Specializing in first-time buyers, as well as all types of sellers, Josie’s focus is on the hands-on education she can offer. “Everyone should have confidence in buying their home” Josie says. It’s the guiding principle in her work. “I believe in homeownership and the power it has to transform people’s lives to help them grow their wealth and provide a better life for their children and grandchildren.” And that message resonates with her clients and community. 

Estimating that about 50% of her clients are Latino, Josie is uniquely equipped to help give them a voice by bridging the language gap and providing the personalized education necessary to assist them in making informed, confident decisions in today’s market. Her hands-on approach sets her apart and is the reason why nearly 72% of her business today comes from client referrals. Her clients know that she’s in it for the service and the chance to provide a genuine contribution to their lives.

What Lies Ahead—Continued Growth

Recognized by the NAHREP Top 250 Latino report as an individual, Josie is now in the transition of building her own real estate team with the hardest working and most dedicated people she knows—her family.

Her son Justin and her husband Emilio of 27 years hit the ground running to help assist Josie’s buyer clients so that she could focus more of her efforts on her growing base of seller clients. When they first began collaborating, Josie recounted the non-stop work. “It’s been a learning experience,” says Josie, “but we are appreciative of each other and are learning to create a balance between work and family-time.” 

Now, they’re working on finding that balance by setting aside quality time. “About three times a week, we take our phones off the table and cook together. We’re always improvising and trying new recipes. It’s a lot of fun,” says Josie. When she’s not hard at work, Josie also enjoys staying active by running marathons, hiking, and going to the beach. 

Now working in our First Team Real Estate Downey office, Josie and her team are on course to grow and provide an even higher level of service to their clients. Matching Josie’s educational style, here at First Team we also put an emphasis on training and educating for our agents to keep them up to date on the latest technologies, tools and strategies for success. Backed by the local market expertise of the number one independent broker in Southern California, Josie and her clients will flourish. 

First Team also collaborates with charity partners Team Kids to foster stronger communities and encourage children to step up and become a not only contributors, but driving forces of change. Empowering the latino communities she serves in Downey and Norwalk through our Team Kids Superhero program is an amazing opportunity for further growth and development.

With the support and tools of First Team Real Estate, the sky’s the limit for this passionate and driven professional who is continuing to make a difference in the communities she calls home. 

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